Seeds, Snowdrop Days and Other Gardening Tasks for February

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Never mind about gardening tasks for February!

Think about Snowdrop Days, Daffodils and Hellebores and flowering winter shrubs Far more fun!


February sometimes seems more of a gardener’s delight than high summer.

There are fewer gardening tasks and more time to enjoy the pleasures of own garden, such as looking for snowdrops that like to hide in the flower border.


Three Gardening Tasks for February

  • Valentine’s Day – will you give your love Fairtrade red Roses or sweet English Violets? Both have their place as a romantic present; maybe this flower blog will help you decide which flowers you’re going to give.
  • Do you have citrus trees in pots? A lemon tree or an orange tree that spends its summer on your patio and winter in the greenhouse? Now is a good time to top-dress the soil with fresh compost; or, if the trees have been in the pot for some years, check if they need re-potting. This may mean renewing all the compost, or possibly re planting the citrus tree into a larger pot if it’s becoming pot bound.
  • Seeds and seed sowing. A gardening task for February that can be carried out in the warmth of the potting shed or your conservatory! Not sure where to start with sowing seeds in seed trays and modules? We have a seed blog with helpful tips to get you started and a ‘How to’ seed video on our YouTube channel.

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“interesting even if you have no intention of picking up a spade”
(Thanks Tim, who is a regular reader if a reluctant gardener!)

Things to watch for in your Garden

The weather is often frosty in February and the soil surrounding plants in containers may freeze. Tempted to pour boiling water on? Not a good idea! Use lukewarm water to gradually thaw out the soil.

Gardens to visit this month

There are Snowdrop Days a plenty across Britain, it’s worth checking for one near to you, but Chelsea Physic Garden, London and the Agory, County Armagh are worth a visit to see a good selection of different varieties of snowdrops (Galanthus).


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