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Plews Potting Shed is where you'll find our weekly gardening blogs. Enjoy garden design inspiration, garden visits plant facts, 'how to' guides, garden history, and other gardening related topics.

Marie Shallcross has written all bar a handful of the Plews Potting Shed blogs, a weekly gardening article since 2011. In case you're wondering, they do get filtered out if no longer as relevant as they were. A few have stood the test of time as 'classics', with just an odd tweak to ensure critical information is up to date.

Marie is a Member of the prestigious Garden Media Guild GMG logo, garden media guild





and a Finalist in the Gardening Blog of the Year 2021 for the Garden Media Guild Awards

Marie Shallcross, Plews Potting Shed, Blogger of the Year Finalist, Garden Media Guild Awards 2021


Plews Potting Shed was awarded a place in the Top 75 Gardening Blogs by blog.feedspotplews potting shed, awarded 75 top garden design blog , blog.feedspot, gardening blogs





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