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Gardening Tasks for December

Some UK gardens have seen a fluttering of snow on the first day of December. Those who are still feeling mild and damp be warned! There will soon be a drop in temperatures to frosty mornings. Don’t get caught out after a fairly mild – if stormy – autumn. Make time to check that your more tender plants are protected with fleece.

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3 Gardening Tasks for December

  • If you’re turning your compost heap, ready to add it as a mulch to the flower border, be aware that the warmth may have attracted hibernating frogs, toads and other animals – so put your spade in carefully! For help with compost turning, check out our video
  • Bedding displays still left from summer suddenly look sorry for themselves. There’s still time to plant spring flowering bulbs before Christmas if the soil isn’t frozen, although they may flower later. Add some colourful winter bedding on top to cheer yourself up in the short winter days.
  • Christmas trees – Advent Sunday is on December 3rd this year and sees the start of Christmas tree buying. Our blog will explain some of the pros and cons so you can choose the right tree for you, real or artificial. You may also like our tips on Caring for your cut Christmas tree.

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Gardening Tasks for December – extra

Check over your greenhouse and garden fencing before the winter storms.  Tips are in Is Yours a Wind Resistant Greenhouse? With fences look for warped panels and especially check the posts for signs of rotting and instability. We have some garden fence ideas in case you need new.

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Christmas Gifts for Gardeners

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Garden to visit this month

The National Botanic Garden of Wales has trees valued for their beautiful winter bark – silver birch and snake bark maple in particular; and a large glasshouse in case it starts raining or snowing!


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Happy Winter Gardening!

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