Gardening Books


We have produced a series of downloadable eBooks on gardens, gardening, garden design, garden history, plant facts and all matters related to you and your garden.

These cover a range of subjects, as listed below. Please select one of the links to see the list of available titles on that topic. Some can be downloaded at no cost; for the others free extracts can be viewed so you can try before you buy.

The Plews gardening eBooks are also filled with photographs and original illustrations – because everyone likes a pretty plant photo!

In Your Garden with Plews

Each book focuses on a specific season and discusses plants and flowers for a beautiful garden; growing your own seasonal vegetables and fruit; topical gardening tasks; garden history and more (4 volumes; 4 free excerpts).


Gardening Books – Seasonal Topics

Celebrating the seasons in your garden. Currently Easter and Christmas eBooks; more to come! (2 volumes).


Flower Show Perspectives

Some interesting anecdotes and observations drawn from our experiences at nationally-renowned flower shows (2 volumes).


Gardening Related Topics

Currently a free book answering your garden design questions


Coming Soon

We have more books in the pipeline – come back soon to see our offerings on the following topics:

Garden Visits

Amusing anecdotes and stories related to our many garden design visits over the years (n volumes)

Recipes, Food and Drink

A reason or three for growing your own! Some of the Plews Team’s favourite recipes and the plants you’ll need (free)

Other Topics

  • What is Garden Design?
  • Garden Pests and Predators
  • Pet Friendly Gardens
  • Gardens for Wildlife
  • Edible Gardens – Grow Your Own
  • Gardens inspired by Shakespeare
  • Special Birthday Gardens – Garden Design Ideas
  • Propagation – all about seeds, seedlings and cuttings

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