Gardening Books

We have produced a range of downloadable eBooks on gardens, seasonal gardening, garden design, garden shows, garden history, plant facts for you and your garden.

The Plews gardening eBooks are also filled with photographs and original illustrations – because everyone likes a pretty plant photo 🙂


What is Garden Design?

Help with those first questions such as “What does a garden designer do?”

In Your Garden with Plews

Each book focuses on a specific season and discusses plants and flowers for a beautiful garden; growing your own seasonal vegetables and fruit; topical gardening tasks; garden history and more (4 volumes).

Gardening Books – Seasonal Topics

Celebrating the seasons in your garden. Currently Easter and Christmas eBooks (2 volumes).

Flower Show Perspectives

Some interesting anecdotes and observations drawn from our experiences at nationally-renowned flower shows (2 volumes).

We have more books in the pipeline – come back soon!