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What is Garden Design?

We’re often asked “What is Garden Design?” and “What does having a garden designed actually involve?”

So I thought a blog on it might help answer some of these questions. Plus it should give an insight into one of the main gardening services we offer, and help clarify what Plews could offer you in the way of garden design.

All too often the garden becomes an afterthought. The last priority in home improvement budgets rather than being considered as part of the whole ‘let’s improve and renovate our home’ process. Garden design is important in helping you get the best out of your garden, whatever its size.

However, many people are not fully aware of what garden design is, or should be. Getting it wrong can be costly; even ‘just a patio’ can cost thousands of pounds and it would be a shame to spend your money and not get good value and the garden you would like at the end.

What is Garden Design – House and Garden Renovation

If you’re having a total rethink of your whole home environment your garden designer should be included from the beginning. If we’re part of the early conversations that you have with your architect will ensure that your house and garden flow seamlessly.

We should be included in conversations with your house builders and can suggest garden landscapers. Asking the garden designer to create a level area behind the house after you’ve narrowed the side access, is like asking someone to shut the stable door after the horse has bolted. Garden designers are clever people but not usually miracle workers.

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What is Garden Design – Garden Renovation

It may be that your house is fine, but you’re thinking about refurbishing your garden. Once again, garden design is the first stage to consider. A good garden designer needs to consider you and your garden from an expert’s viewpoint to enable you to get the best garden possible. It involves a lot of listening and asking of questions. And also includes other aspects that a designer needs to look at and consider, both practical and creative.

A garden design can be a total re-think of a whole garden, be that rear garden or front garden. Front gardens are important in different ways to a rear garden; for example, they’re generally in the public view, whilst most rear gardens are a private or family space.

What is Garden Design – ‘Just  tweak or two’

At Plews, we understand that you may not always want or need your whole garden designed and landscaped. So we also offer Planting Design and planting, where your borders need a rethink but your patio is just fine. Planting Design may be a planting design for an existing border. Plews also includes a partial garden design, for example, for a vegetable garden or wildlife habitat within the existing garden in this category.

In order to get the whole process moving, we offer, as do most garden designers, an Initial Design Visit. This is an opportunity for you to ‘dip your toe in the water’ and find out more about whether your hopes for your garden are achievable; and what other things may be possible, without committing yourself to a huge outlay.

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What is Garden Design?

A full garden design will look at the existing garden in all aspects; what your ideals are; whether these are achievable on your budget; how to manage the budget and project, for example, would a staged approach be more suitable; it deals with hard landscaping, for example, patio, decking, fences; soft landscaping turf, planting; the use of garden space, ie how you use it now, how you would like to use it, how this might change, for example, as the kids grow up or if you have a house extension; and sundries, for example, washing line, statuary, lighting.

Your garden may be the biggest “room” you own and deserves the same thought, design and budget as is afforded to the kitchen, living room or bathroom. A courtyard garden or a small roof terrace needs a good designer so the best use is made of restricted space.

Plews Garden Design can offer you design only or a full design and garden build package. If you would like to read more about  some more about the garden design process then why not download our free eBook “What is Garden Design?” Or email us for more details and to start chatting.

“Outdoors and indoors are inseparable; they are complimentary and supplementary, two sides of the same door…”

(Garrett Eckbo)

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