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Should You use a Garden Designer?

Should You use a Garden Designer?

Perhaps a good starting point for the discussion as to whether you should use a garden designer is to look at: –

  • What is a garden designer?
  • What does a garden designer do?

And these comparisons from related professions may be helpful –

Gardeners look after and maintain gardens. They are concerned with plants, pests, propagation.

Landscape Designers and Landscape Architects create well thought out landscapes and larger spaces, rather than gardens.

Landscapers and Landscape Gardeners are the hard landscaping building experts. This will include patios, drives, decking and fences, of course. Also grass lawns, artificial lawns, pergolas, ponds and so on. They may specialise in one area.

Architects are experts in the best use and design of interior spaces, and in building houses, office blocks, etc. There are subdivisions within the profession.

So although one or more of these people may be involved in the exciting project which is your new garden, they haven’t quite got the skills you need. So you probably should use a garden designer. But what makes them right for the job?


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What is a Garden Designer?

Like the different professions and trades above, they have had the training to reflect their expertise. So a garden designer knows about spatial design – the term describing how plants, patios, and so on will work both as separate elements and together to create a whole. But they also have the horticultural knowledge and landscaping knowledge to put the disparate parts together.

Garden designers, architects, landscapers and gardeners will all have an awareness of the law as it relates to their area of work.

On a different level, a garden designer is a creative person with the ability to see the practical requirements and incorporate all these into a finished garden design. Some specialise in particular types of garden, for example, seaside gardens, city gardens or kitchen gardens. Whilst others will have a more generalist approach.

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What does a Garden Designer do?

Garden Designers consider your garden on the micro and macro levels. The nitty gritty detail and the big picture.

Should you use a garden designer? Yes, if you would like to use the services of someone who can: –

  • Understand your needs and suggest options that could work within the framework of your garden and your budget.
  • Plan to get the best out of your garden’s restrictions – of frost pockets, neighbours’ extensions and overhanging trees
  • Bring fresh ideas, ‘think outside the box’, challenge some of your assumptions about what would and wouldn’t work, enabling you to make the right decisions so you love the result.
  • Generate a design – variously using sketches, written details, scaled detailed drawings, photos, mood boards, scale models, meetings and conversations, as appropriate. This design should be understandable by you, as the client, in one or more formats, as well as meeting the needs of the landscaper who has to construct the design.
  • Create a design for you and your garden which is individual, and meets as many of your requirements as will fit in to the budget and the garden. Or has planned for some of these to be added later, in stages as budget allows.

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So, should you use a garden designer for your garden makeover?

You owe it to yourself to get the best value from your investment. Using a garden designer can make this happen. You can have the pleasure of a practical, beautiful garden that has also increased the value of your house and property.

The decision is yours in the end. If you’re still not sure, perhaps it would help to read the articles below, or download our free eBook “What is Garden Design?

And do drop us an email with what you would like from your garden, so we can have a chat as to whether Plews Garden Design can help you achieve that dream space.

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