Initial Design Visit

Need a new garden?

Plews’ Initial Design Visit provides an opportunity for you to enjoy the benefit of a professional’s eye on the garden design potential of your plot. This service is relevant whether you have a small city garden, a large suburban garden, an acre or five, a courtyard garden, a front garden that needs a total revamp.

This initial garden design meeting between you and the designer does not give you an all-singing, all-dancing garden design straight away.

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The creation of a full garden design takes time, creative energy, practical application, communication.

But you can discover whether your hopes for your garden are achievable without committing yourself to a huge initial outlay. The Initial Garden Design Visit is the Plews gardening service for you when you’re ready to start planning your new garden and are hoping to go ahead with a design and then landscaping and planting soon. Say within 3 months if not straight away.

Plews’ Initial Design Visit is offered to those of you who are considering a full, major garden re-design and landscaping project and to those who are needing ‘just’ a planting design. Planting designs can sometimes be fairly major projects but the difference is the lack of hard landscaping changes to your garden.

If you’re still at the “I would like to re-do my garden but aren’t quite ready to commit to starting yet”, then we do offer a Design Consultancy Visit. This visit is a more exploratory session, as, for example, you may not yet have a budget and would like an idea how much your dream garden might cost.

The Initial Garden Design Visit enables you to discuss your requirements – needs, wants and budget – and other aspects relevant to your garden with an expert. A nominal fee is made for the Initial Design Visit. This fee includes the visit to your garden (on-site work) and work off-site both before and after the Initial Design Visit. We will have agreed the fee with you beforehand, as all gardens vary.

The fee for this service starts from £95 for planting designs, £125 for garden designs, including related expenses and VAT 


Included in the fee

Before Initial Design Visit

  • Brief questionnaire form filled in by client and returned to us in advance of the meeting
  • Communication by email and phone


At Initial Design Visit

Approximate duration of time in your garden would be 45 – 60 minutes for a planting design; 1 – 1 1/2 hours for a garden design.

Topics for discussion include: –

  • Your desires for your garden
  • Your budget
  • Suggestions and options from our designer
  • A look at Plews portfolio for examples and ideas
  • Ballpark figures for some elements of  design options
  • Planting designs only – a brief border analysis is carried out


Follow-up after Initial Design Visit

  • Tasks for you to do – for example, visiting patio showrooms
  • Tasks for us to do – for example
    • send you photos as reminders of plants and fencing suggestions
  • Design brief and fee sent to you for consideration
  • Design brief and fee agreed

The Garden Design or Planting Design process then continues. It is no longer part of Initial Design Visit. We will discuss with you and send you an outline of how your individual design process will continue. For a general outline, have a look in our free eBook “What is Garden Design?


Or do you need something different from Plews Garden Design?

  • If you would like to learn how to enjoy your garden more, we offer Gardening Lessons where your garden is the classroom.
  • If you have a particular problem with your garden – a soggy lawn, or plants that may be toxic to your toddler, our Garden Consultancy and Garden Advice services may be more appropriate.


Plews Garden Design is an award-winning family run business offering Garden Design, Gardening Lessons, Garden Consultancy to clients in London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Essex and the Home Counties and across the UK.

In September 2015, we separated the landscape gardener element to become Plews Garden Landscaping our sibling company. They offer landscape gardening services both for Plews Garden Design and directly with their own clients. At Plews Garden Design, we also work with other landscapers, interior designers and architects.

The Plews partners, Marie (garden designer, garden consultant, gardening teacher) and Nathan (garden landscaper) have also written and published eBooks and articles. Marie writes an award-winning weekly blog – Plews Potting Shed – on a range of gardening topics.

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