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Marie Shallcross Garden Consultant

Marie Shallcross Garden Consultant  sounds impressive, but what does it mean for you and your garden problem?

With less than 60 professional garden consultants in the UK who are members of the leading Professional Garden Consultants Association you can understand that expertise and quality of service is paramount. Marie Shallcross of Plews is one of them.

For questions about and gardening problems with: –
  • conservation areas and TPOs – what you can and cannot do and dealing with the system
  • plants that are suddenly dying
  • communal gardens
  • waterlogged lawns and gardens
  • poorly built patios
  • mystery plants that are preventing you selling your house
  • troublesome trees and hedges
  • wildlife habitats and conservation advice


Marie’s particular passions are: –
  • edible ornamental gardens – planning and problems
  • pet friendly gardens and toxic plants
  • fruit tree pruning
  • wildlife habitats and conservation advice


Whether you are a Domestic, private client;  Commercial concern;  Residents Association;  Sports Club;  Charity or Church,  we can help.


At Plews we offer you these three main formats as a means of establishing how best to deal with your gardening problem: –
  • Garden Consultancy Visit
  • Garden Advice Visit
  • Design Consultancy Visit

The best approach for your particular gardening problem will be discussed and agreed.

When working as Plews, Marie is able to assess your problem, advise and, where appropriate, take on the remedial work, planting, fruit tree pruning and so on. Where it is better than she remain independent due to the nature of the work, for example, if potentially needed as an expert witness, then Marie would work under the specialist partnership London Garden Consultants, which she runs with James Firth. London based, this Garden Consultancy business also covers the UK.

Marie Shallcross Garden Consultant – here to help you and your garden.

Plews Garden Design is an award winning family run business offering Garden Design, Gardening Lessons, Garden Consultancy to clients in London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Essex and the Home Counties and across the UK.