Practical Gardening Lessons Intermediate

Practical Gardening Lessons - Intermediate

Are you new to a garden but not a total gardening novice?

Do you want to learn more about gardening? How to really put the theory into practise in your own garden?

You have the basic gardening knowledge, and have probably grown tomatoes and know that camellias like an acid soil.

But you’ve moved house. This new garden has plants in it that you don’t recognise and you don’t quite know where to start. Or there are fruit trees. Knowing when and how to prune fruit trees when you’ve never had fruit trees before can be a particular problem.



Our Practical Gardening Lessons Intermediate level will help you fill those gaps in your gardening knowledge.

You may like a short course of gardening lessons, a half-day session or even treat yourself to a whole day in the garden.

Plews Gardening Lessons are taught by a qualified gardening teacher and your garden is your classroom.

So you can keep your new garden looking good, we’ll look and learn about, for example –

  • different soil types and how to get the best from them
  • pruning techniques – when and how – and why
  • types of frost and frost damage, how to prevent and reduce the damage
  • getting the most from your greenhouse and cold frame
  • collecting seeds and taking cuttings

These Practical Gardening Lessons Intermediate are based on a general lesson plan which is then customised so it is individual to you, your gardening skills and knowledge.

The theoretical and practical mix of topics and tasks helps you to get to grip with those gaps in your gardening knowledge. And there’s feedback and support during the course to answer those questions that crop up between the gardening lessons.

If you would like lessons on how to implement these and other gardening and horticultural topics in your garden, please Contact us for more details.


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