Herbaceous Perennials

An Herbaceous perennial is an ornamental plant which survives for many years.

They put on leafy growth and flower during the spring, summer and autumn, then die back to their roots over-winter. In the following spring season, they grow above ground again.

Some may be evergreen or semi-evergreen if the winter is mild, or in more temperate and sheltered climates.

Many favourite and popular garden plants for the flower border are herbaceous perennials; for example, Geraniums and Heuchera.

So are many ‘cottage garden’ style plants, Aquilegia (Granny’s bonnets) for example.

There are some plants which are often referred to as an herbaceous perennial which do maintain a permanent foliage and stem above ground, such as Lamium (dead nettle) and Dianthus (cottage garden pinks). These are more properly small, short lived perennials.

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