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Garden visits kitchen gardens is a largely pictorial blog.

Visiting kitchen gardens, both famous and less well known, is both part of my work and also a pleasure.


One of the reasons I visit is to gain inspiration for the kitchen gardens I design. To suit my clients, these gardens might need to be: –

  • complete, contained kitchen gardens
  • a small vegetable plot, possibly in raised beds, as part of a larger design
  • a fruit border
  • a small domestic orchard
  • an edible ornamental garden, where flowers, shrubs, fruit and vegetables are planted together

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Walking around lots of different styles and sizes of kitchen garden at various times of the year is fascinating.

Victorian lantern cloches, walled kitchen garden, Trengwainton, Cornwall, Cornish gardens

Naturally, the same vegetable garden will look very different in mid-winter and in high summer when the borders are bursting with crops.

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But what is also interesting is where there are similarities whatever the season.

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Visiting kitchen gardens highlights the diversity of crops grown and the methods of cultivation used.

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Re-visiting a garden after a couple of years can be an eye-opener too. Raised beds may have been added; fruit arches have grown to maturity; old rhubarb beds have been re-vitalised.

rhubarb, walled kitchen garden, Trengwainton, Cornwall, Cornish gardens

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Garden visits kitchen gardens – where can you find them?

Some of the photos are of kitchen gardens in private gardens, not currently open to the public on a regular basis.

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However, you will find kitchen gardens at Kew Gardens and the four gardens belonging to the Royal Horticultural Society. These are display style, set out to give you ideas and to educate.

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For historical recreations of kitchen gardens and updated versions in historic estates there are a wealth to visit. For some near you, check out the Historic Houses Association, National Trust, National Trust for Scotland, English Heritage, Houses, Castles and Gardens of Ireland and Cadw, among others.

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Other organisations who have kitchen gardens open for some of the year, or for a few open days, include the Historic Royal Palaces, the National Gardens Scheme and Scotland’s Gardens.


Kitchen Gardens – is it for Me?

The pleasure of wandering into your garden or onto your balcony to pick a few salad leaves and a tomato to add to your lunch is a simple one. But simple pleasures and the benefits of tasty, fresh food can make all the difference to our busy lives.

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Growing your own fruit and vegetables may seem complicated and time consuming – and a few people make make it so. But we have ways to design you an easy maintenance edible garden so it fits in with your needs. We offer gardening lessons too so you can get to learn the tips that make gardening easy.


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