The Edible Garden

Are you getting that urge to grow your own fruit…and grow some vegetables and salads – but you’re not sure quite how to do it and it’s not as easy as it looks on the TV?

Plews can help.

If you are thinking of growing your own vegetables and fruit – about starting an Edible Garden – our course will take you from sowing seed to the table.

Plews Gardening Lessons are taught by a qualified gardening teacher and your garden is your classroom.

We’ll work with you so can learn which are the best gardening techniques for you to ‘grow your own’. People and gardens are different and what suits one person or garden may not work in another.

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You’ll learn through a mix of garden theory and practical gardening how to develop and establish a thriving edible garden, full of vegetables, fruit, salads and herbs.


The Edible Garden Lessons

These are most helpful when they’re spread over the course of the growing season. This way we can start with planning the crops you would like to grow. We can be sure they suit your tastes and fit in with the available time you have to grow your own. We’ll work right through to harvesting crops of fresh fruit, salads and vegetables.

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But don’t panic if we’re already part way through the growing season! We can still get you and your edible garden started, helping you to grow your own this year and next year.

We’ll learn about –

  • soil types
  • different methods of cultivation
  • seed sowing indoors
  • direct seed sowing outdoors
  • transplanting seedlings
  • care of the growing vegetables and fruit
  • pests and diseases – prevention and cure


The Edible Garden can encompass your whole garden, with ornamental flowers growing next to your broccoli in the border, or it can be in a designated vegetable patch.

If you need us to, we can also help decide the best place in your garden for a separate productive area; plus design a vegetable garden or small orchard for you; build raised beds so they fit the space available and even do some of the initial hard digging.

The gardening lessons are based on a general Edible Garden lesson plan which is then customised so it is individual to you, your gardening skills and knowledge (or lack of).


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If you would like gardening lessons on how to implement these and other gardening and horticultural topics in your garden, still with that theoretical and practical mix, check out the information via the gardening lessons links and then drop us an email!


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