Planting Design

A Planting Design is where we look at your current (or non-existent) planting and borders, then design a scheme to suit your needs and budget

As part of the Planting design, we will look at:

  • The health of any existing planting which you would like to retain
  • The soil condition and suitability for the type of plants you would like
  • Your needs and budget

This service, like the full garden design service, starts with a brief questionnaire and an initial design visit.

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A Planting Design for your garden can be:

  1. Design Only – A design by us, where we  produce a design concept, planting lists and planting plan; suggest sources for purchase (online and local to you); border preparation instructions and plant maintenance notes for keeping your plants healthy in the long term. This, along with email and phone support, enables those who would like to get their hands dirty to do so.
  2. Design at a distance – Similar to 1, however with enhanced input at your end and where we instruct you how to carry out soil tests, etc.
  3. Design and Planting – We create a planting design scheme, purchase the flowers and shrubs for you and plant them for you. As well as a planting plan and plant maintenance notes, we also provide a ‘plant health check’ at approximately three months after planting.
  4. Design with Planting / Gardening Lesson – For those who would like to get to learn more about the plants in their garden. this cross-over service may be part of a longer Gardening Lessons course, or a one-off.

A Planting Design is suitable for

  • Gardens where there will be no change to the structure of the garden
  • Replanting an area: garden borders
  • Creating a vegetable patch, perhaps with raised beds
  • Designing a herb garden or mini orchard
  • Front gardens
  • Patio planting
  • Appropriate for both large and small spaces
  • A way to optimise the positioning of plants in your garden

A Planting Design is not suitable for

  • Gardens needing landscape work and build done – a full garden design is needed

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