Decking Raised Beds and Fencing – Croydon

These clients in Shirley, near Croydon, contacted us after a major storm had brought down trees, including oak trees, from the adjoining wood into their garden. The fallen trees had destroyed the rear fence and large sections of the side fences, plus the two garden sheds.

This decking raised beds and fencing project, with associated planting to include native species hedge, bug hotel and fruit trees was carried out in stages. Some of the works such as replacing the broken garden fencing was covered by the insurance. Other elements were added to create an overall design which took advantage of this opportunity to refresh the whole top area of the garden.
We designed and built a new fence with supporting oak sleeper raised bed as the garden was on a slope. This also gave more scope for planting next to the new large decked area. which enabled them to enjoy the sunny area where the sheds had been.

The diagonal shape of the large new decking made the most of the sunny part of the garden and prevented it from being overpowering. Matching steps were added to give access to the gate and woodland path beyond. More raised beds made of softwood and of different shapes and sizes echoed the informality of the surrounding landscape whilst providing a tidy and easily maintained plot.

One of the raised beds followed the diagonal line of the decking and gave a large area for a productive mix of fruit trees, nut trees and herbs. Smaller raised beds ran parallel to the new fencing.
A run of compost bins was hidden behind the trellis with its espalier fruit trees and a native species hedge including dog rose and hazel was added the following year as part of the original design. A log pile bug hotel was also created.

The ‘whole new look’ approach paid off in this decking raised beds and fencing project in Shirley, Croydon. It is worth considering adding your own funds to the insurance payment to not just to recreate what was in the garden before but to improve the amenity value of your property. And your cat will approve of the new sun lounging area…

Should you also suffer from storm fallen trees in your rear garden or accidental damage from cars in your front garden (click for this project) – do get in touch so we can help you re-find your beautiful garden!