Black Limestone Patio and Planting Scheme, Orpington, Kent

An Art Deco inspired design for a black limestone patio was to give this garden a brand new look.

These clients were a busy, sporty family in Orpington, Kent. Their sense of style and love of pretty flowers restrained by the demands of growing children. They didn’t know how to make their wide yet fairly short garden work in the right way for their needs. Plews enabled them to have the best of both worlds with this design.

A view from the house which focussed on the washing line was dramatically changed to a classy black limestone patio with gray pointing that reflected their interior décor.

The larger area of patio allows for plenty of entertaining space and the purchase of a decent sized BBQ. This patio design increased the original area by more than half, yet by staggering the edges, space was where it was needed. The Art Deco styling turned the black limestone patio into a focal point and drew the eye away from the relatively short distance to the rear boundary. And a raised border specially for a small herb garden was situated near the kitchen door for convenience.

The planting scheme to enhance the black limestone patio was kept simple

  • There is now colour and interest throughout the year. Twisted branches and variegated evergreen foliage come to the fore in the winter months.
  • Plenty of ground covering herbaceous perennials reduce the need for weeding. Flowering and berried shrubs add colour but also provide food for garden birds and pollinating insects.
  • The borders in the front garden were also given a new planting scheme.