Practical Gardening Lessons for Beginners


When you’re faced with a garden for the first time it can seem very daunting. Our Practical Gardening Lessons for Beginners will help you to feel confident about the basics of gardening in any garden. But they will focus on the particular needs of you and your current garden, at a level and pace to suit your lifestyle. Short courses of 3 -5 sessions with time to put the lessons into practice in between are popular. However a basic one day gardening lesson is also possible if that fits in better with the demands of your work and family. Gardening should be fun after all!


Plews Gardening Lessons are taught by a qualified gardening teacher and your garden is your classroom.

You’ll be taught by a qualified gardening teacher and garden designer and member of the Chartered Institute of Horticulture. Marie is a life-long gardener who uses her experience and qualifications to enable you to enjoy gardening in your garden.


The Practical Gardening Lessons for Beginners Course

Together we will look at and learn about various topics, including: –

  • the soil in your garden; this is the food for your plants and critical for growing beautiful flowers and tasty vegetables;
  • how to use a spade without hurting your back;
  • how to prune the shrubs in your garden;
  • and some of the reasons why gardening tasks are done as they are


The gardening lessons are based on a basic Gardening Course plan, covering the most likely requirements for novice gardeners. Following the return of your questionnaire, a bespoke course plan is created, so it is individual to you, your gardening skills and knowledge (or lack of). We then ring you to discuss if you’re happy with the plan, answering any questions you have at this stage.

The theoretical and practical mix of topics and tasks, feedback and support during the course helps you to gain gardening confidence and know-how. Handouts and ‘homework’ are included as part of the fee.

If you are interested in Practical Gardening Lessons for Beginners, please get in touch 

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