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Marie at Plews Garden Design


A garden consultant and garden designer, my passions are edible ornamental gardens and creating beautiful, practical spaces that are easy for people, pets and wildlife to share and maintain.


Previously I taught City and Guilds Gardening, Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and my own courses at Adult Education College. Now I teach gardening lessons where my student’s garden is their classroom.


Although based in the South East of England I have worked with lovely clients needing garden design, garden consultancy and gardening lessons in other locations across the UK since 2001.


I have published a weekly (Saturday) gardening blog, Plews Potting Shed, on my website since the end of 2011. Now an award winning blog, I haven’t yet run out of ideas to enlighten, amuse and educate Readers. I am a Probationary Member of the Garden Media Guild (for garden writers and photographers)

Other places I have written for include the prestigious and various local magazines over the years. Also eBooks, both compilations of previously written articles with expanded content and new photos, plus original eBooks. These are available for download from the Plews website as well as Amazon, Smashwords and other places. The Plews library is slowly growing…

Hands on is key, both in the practical gardening lessons and planting up my designs. I don’t do much hard landscaping myself now, but a brick wall I built 30 years ago is still standing, so it’s not because I’m bad at it, just that others are better! Photography is also an important part of what I do and about 90% of the photos on the website are mine.

A member of the Chartered Institute of Horticulture (CIH) and the Professional Garden Consultants Association (PGCA), my original degree was joint honours in Law and History to which I have since added gardening and garden design qualifications.

Along with a fellow member of the PGCA and CIH, I run a specialist Garden Consultancy, London Garden Consultants.

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Additional Interests

When not gardening or reading in my own garden, I enjoy exhibitions and films, most genre from foreign language through to sci-fi. Plus lots of walking, with and without dogs, and sometimes along the top of walls.

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