Summer Garden Tasks – August

Golden Roses, Rosa ‘golden showers’



For families with children, school holidays may mean that summer garden tasks involve filling paddling pools rather than dead heading the roses!


August can be a busy time of year for gardeners and families – catch your breath and read our helpful tips for those summer garden tasks that need doing this month




Three Summer Garden Tasks for August

When your early summer fruiting raspberries have all been picked, it’s time to cut back the canes that have borne fruit this year. Tie in the new canes, they’ll give you next year’s raspberries.


Grow your own cucumber sandwiches? It’s certainly an option with or without a greenhouse –

“Outdoor cucumbers are surprisingly easy to grow. Cucumbers (Cucumis sativus) originated in India where they have been grown for over 3000 years; and are said to have been brought over to Britain by the Romans and there are records of cucumbers being grown in 14th century Britain.”

Extract from eBook “In Your Summer Garden with Plews Garden Design


August is still a dead-heading month; Keep taking out flowers on both perennials and annuals as they finish, encouraging more flowers


Things to watch for in your garden in August

Climbing weeds, bindweed in particular can be a real nuisance –

Watch our ‘how to deal with bindweed’ video on YouTube
And read the blog from Plews Potting Shed: Weeds – Ivy and Bindweed

bindweed flower, calystegia sepia


Garden to visit this month

Nymans Garden in Sussex is a favourite National Trust garden for many and does look rather lovely in August


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