Landscaping your Garden Design

The landscaping of your Garden Design – the construction element of a garden design and landscaping project – involves machinery and hard labour as well as expertise.

Over the years, Marie, our Designer, has worked with many landscapers, including her own company, to create beautiful and practical gardens for clients.

We ask at the beginning of the garden design process whether you would like a design with full specifications so that you can take it to any landscaper, or whether you would like us to remain involved so that less detail is required.

Plews has gone through various changes over the years and we now, once again, offer garden design with close links to landscapers, including our sister company, Plews Garden Landscaping. This gives you the client more flexibility, and makes the best use of your budget.

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So what does landscaping your garden design involve?

The actual tasks carried out will be relevant to your garden and design project, but may include some or all of the following –

  • Hard Landscaping – patios and decking; steps, paths; wooden fences and brick walls; gates and railings; arbours and pergolas; raised beds and raised borders; bases for sheds and greenhouses; raised ponds
  • Soft Landscaping – lawns, ie grass, artificial turf, herb lawns, wildflower meadows; plants, ie trees, shrubs, herbaceous perennials, bulbs, annuals; soil and borders; we put ponds and pond plants in here too
  • Sundries – we put the actual sheds and greenhouses in here; along with cold frames; water butts, compost bins, green roofs; lighting and electricity; statues; furniture; free standing trellis; water features; garden canopies; fire pits; garden kitchens

If that seems like a lot to take on board, you’ll be pleased to learn that Plews can take the stress out of organising and managing your garden landscaping project by offering a Garden Project Management service.

Hard landscaping can be the backbone of your garden; and should work in partnership with the soft landscaping of the planting design, so it’s important to get it right.

Generally speaking, Marie will be involved again at this point in the project, for example, ensuring that that plants ordered are healthy.

We are happy to answer questions relating to your garden project as part of the garden design process.

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Plews Garden Design is an award winning family run business offering Garden Design, Gardening Lessons, Gardening Advice and Horticultural Consultancy to clients in London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Essex and the Home Counties and across the UK.

Plews’ Garden Designer – Marie – has written and published eBooks and articles, and writes a weekly blog – Plews Potting Shed – on a range of gardening topics.


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