Garden Design Process

This is a general outline of the Garden Design service as offered by Plews Garden Design. You and your garden are individuals so this is just an example of what is likely to happen during the Garden Design Process.


Garden Design Process – Initial Stages:

Contact by you the Client through email or phone;
Response from us, including the Initial questionnaire for you to fill in and return before the Initial Design Visit;

Initial Design Visit – Please see the Initial Design Visit page on the website for further details.

Design package documents are sent to you; these include –

  • Design brief
  • Customer charter

garden planting design - plant list

Garden Design Process – First Stages:

  • Site survey is carried out. This can take 1-3 hours depending on your garden and the complexity of the design;
  • Initial consultations or meetings with other experts where required;
  • The Garden Design Concept is created and sent to you; this comprises both written ideas and sketches
  • Design meeting to discuss the concept.

A reasonable amount of contact time is allowed for within the design fee; this means the client is not paying by the individual phone call/ email.
This includes discussion and communication by phone /text during office hours. You may of course email to suit you and we will pick it up during office hours.


site survey - garden design process, tape measure, levels, plews garden design, plews team, nathan waterfield


Garden Design Process – Second Stages:

Completing the Garden Design; including

  • written concept
  • garden design sketches
  • planting lists
  • estimates

Design meeting to discuss the finished design, and any amendments to design or budget.



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Garden Design Process – Final Stages:

Depending on your design brief, the designer’s work is now largely complete, except for possibly finalizing the planting design and dealing with design issues which are raised during the landscaping of the garden design.

As part of the Plews customer service, we are available via email to answer queries relating to the design project for approximately one year from the completion of the project, or until the return consultation visit, whichever is sooner.

Anniversary visit –
This takes place approximately a year after completion of the design and landscaping project.
The implementation of the garden design, ie the landscaping, is separate from the design itself, and the designer is not directly involved in the landscaping of the design.

At Plews Garden Design we offer a Garden Project Management service to run alongside the landscaping and planting of the design.

Professional Garden Consultants Association Chartered Institute of Horticulture  Landscape Juice Network