Garden Advice Visit

Would you like a Garden Advice Visit for help with those niggling gardening problems?


Do you have

  • a lawn that’s always soggy?
  • fruit trees that never have produced edible fruit?
  • flowering shrubs that don’t flower?
  • a combination of small garden problems that are bothering you?

A Plews Garden Advice Visit could be the answer you’re looking for. This approach can be helpful when there are particular problems in a garden, but a low key approach is all that is needed.


Plews Garden Advice Visits generally follow this format:-

  • You email or ring us with your gardening issues
  • After your initial enquiry, we may ask for some more details and a few photos by email
  • Next we will have a brief discussion with you on the phone, to be sure we’ve understood what you need
  • We will then give you the price for the Garden Advice Visit based on this discussion (see below for details)
  • Depending on the problem, we will spend anything from 1 – 2 hours on site with you
  • We follow up with the short report and solutions, within 1-2 weeks, depending on post visit tasks and possible research

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Garden Advice Visit – what is included

As this service is individual to you and your garden problems, it is not possible to give more than a general idea here.  The most basic Garden Advice Visit starts at £125. The actual cost to you, which we agree before the visit, will include some of the following: –

  • Time with you in your garden, verbal advice given, soil testing, pest and disease watch
  • Further off-site soil tests, further research, etc as required
  • Bullet point report, includes notes from the site visit, including options suited to your budget
  • Results of further soil tests carried out, results of further research and conclusions
  • Related costs and expenses including travel, admin


We also offer horticultural consultancy with a more formal associated report which may be needed for a mortgage application.

Where needed, a Garden Advice Visit can be combined with other options that come to light as a result of the report. For example, this might be –

planting design for a flower border

or Gardening Lessons

or a full re-design of your garden

We will give you a discount on further fee based work.

So don’t worry about your garden, get in touch and see if we can help!

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Plews Garden Design is an award winning family run business offering Garden Design, Gardening Lessons, Gardening Advice and Horticultural Consultancy to clients in London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Essex and the Home Counties and across the UK.

Marie Shallcross, Plews Garden Designer, has written and published eBooks and articles, and writes a weekly blog – Plews Potting Shed – on a range of gardening topics.

Plews Garden Landscaping, our sister company, provides a wide range of  landscaping, specialist maintenance, tree care and other gardening services.

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