September Gardening Tasks

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September gardening tasks – the children have gone back to school; students head for university…

and wise gardeners gather their harvested fruit promptly so they can spend leisure time enjoying the beauty of late summer borders glowing with red and yellow flowers.



Three  September Gardening Tasks

Keep deadheading dahlias for plenty of colour up until the first frosts to give you colourful autumn borders.

Autumn is a great time to plant herbaceous perennials in the flower border as the soil is warm (and generally wet) after summer. They should develop a good root system before winter and give you a bigger plant come summer than one planted next spring.

Planning ahead to your spring garden – spring flowering bulbs are planted in the autumn. We have planting design ideas for spring flowering bulbs and helpful planting tips


Things to watch for in your garden in September

Gather in your harvest, checking each individual fruit. Apples and pears infected with scab disease are edible, they just won’t store well; so eat them straight away.




Garden to visit this month

A small orchard of fruit trees surrounding the recreated historic Elizabethan Garden at Kenilworth Castle proves you don’t need a lot of space to have an edible garden. This lovely garden has lots of ideas worth tweaking to fit small gardens.


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