Two Patios and a Firepit – Beckenham Garden Design

Two Patios and a Firepit – this almost sounds like a book title!

The project began as most Plews’ garden designs do, with an Initial Design Visit.


This garden design brief required:-

  •  Seating area next to the house
  • New planting throughout
  • Rationalisation of area adjacent to garage – including removal of current paving
  • Staged or partly staged approach
  • Likely time in property of approximately 3 years, so garden needed to appeal both to our Client and to potential purchasers


Creation of the Garden Design Concept

The garden was quite long and lent itself to being divided in to different areas. So it was decided to leave as stage 2 of the design and landscaping project

  • the area from the garage to the end of the garden, a proposed raised vegetable beds and utility area
  • and the decision on whether to have artificial turf or real grass

In a long garden, adding divisions is one way of making the garden seem wider. It also has the advantage of adding flexibility in the different uses the garden can be put to. The idea for two patios came from this need to make full use of the whole garden whilst keeping a friendly feel.

Creation of the Garden Design – Landscaping

A new, curved edge patio next to the house was slightly raised from the lawn and adjacent new flower borders. The step down from the patio doors was extended to run under the cat flap.

Curvaceous borders run down each side of the lawn, wider on one side. Trellis panels come out from the side fences, giving extra vertical spaces for climbing plants.

Beyond the trellis panels is the new entertaining area. This has a corner situated, hexagonal summerhouse. Decorative pebbles cover much of the surface here, as a path leads from lawn to the circular patio, thence to the summerhouse and the fire pit.

This, the second of the two patios, reflects the circular dry stone wall fire pit. Curved edges to the flower borders in this new entertaining area echo the curving borders adjacent to the lawn.

Planting Design

Only the fig tree was retained from the existing planting. Curving around the patio next to the house and then running down each side of the lawn, the two borders offer a choice of sunny and shadier aspects.

Scented plants nearest to the patio include an edging of Lavender bushes. A range of flowering shrubs and herbaceous perennials give colour for much of the year. Cornus, dogwood, stems provide a splash of brightness during the winter months.

A small herb garden, or herb border, was created next to the summerhouse. This is also convenient for cooking on the fire pit.

The Tale of the dry stone wall Fire Pit

These dry stone wall fire pits are a gorgeous feature in the garden. Quarried and dressed from British stone, they look good in both cottage style gardens and contemporary gardens.

The fire pits also have the advantage of being transportable when you move house, as no mortar is used in their construction. This was the aspect that really made them appeal to our client.

As it turned out, they moved sooner than expected. So we dismantled the fire pit, moved it to their new home and rebuilt it in the new garden.


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