Picket Gate and Garden Fence, London

wooden picket gate, front garden design, welsh slate path, london, conservation area


As part of staged garden design and landscape project for an existing client, we designed and made a new picket gate for the front garden and replaced some rotten fencing in the rear garden.


Picket Gate

We had various design discussions about the aesthetics and practicalities of extending the existing front garden brick wall, which we believed to be original to the cottage.

However, it was decided to leave the brick wall as it was and to replace the modern but rusty metal gate with a new wooden picket gate and matching posts. Picket fencing is sometimes called palisade fencing.


The pointed tops of the picket fencing posts and picket gate frames were cut to match the pointed tops of the vertical struts of the picket gate itself, which was custom made to fit the space.




Garden Fence – Hazel Hurdles

The fencing chosen was six foot high hazel hurdles, fixed between wooden posts. More usually found in rustic garden designs, this style of garden fencing works well with the cottage garden planting in this smaller suburban garden.

The hazel hurdles, sourced locally from Sussex, gave privacy whilst still allowing light through; both important to our client. The need for privacy in smaller urban and suburban gardens in particular has to be carefully balanced against blocking light both form your own garden and from your neighbours’ garden.

The added bonus with this fencing is that the loose weave of the hazel hurdles provides support for climbers such as Clematis.



This is the fence and gate sections of this staged garden design and landscape project. See here for the patio


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