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What is an edible garden design?

We were contacted by a client who wanted to start to grow their own vegetables in their garden in Bromley, Kent but needed the garden re-designed to make room for the fruit and vegetables.

They needed an edible garden design that fitted in with their existing garden, leaving room for the lawn, wendy house, patio and flower borders.

They also wanted gardening lessons so they could learn how to enjoy their new fruit and vegetable garden and make the best use of their new garden.


Our top priorities for this Edible Garden Design in Bromley were:

• to utilise empty and unused space
• create easily maintained raised vegetable beds


We began creating an edible garden design to fit within the roughly triangular space that was most suited as a ‘grow your own’ area within the exisitng garden.

  • A narrow shingle path was incorporated  between the two long raised beds.
  • Another path leading to the raised vegetable beds was paved. Along this path, in between the paving, we planted herbs to give scent.
  • Creeping thymes will take a reasonable amount of walking on. If you’re concerned about treading on a bee, the flowers can be snipped off before full bloom.

Raised Beds for the Edible Garden Design

The main area of the edible garden was to be formed by two long raised beds, which were internally divided. Plus we added further planting in new borders to each side.

Raised beds are well suited to easy maintenance vegetable gardening. So we began creating this edible garden in Bromley by making two raised beds out of narrow oak sleepers, shaped to make best use of the available space.

These raised beds were then sub-divided to provide maximum flexibility; so that crops needing different soils could be cultivated. This sub-division of the raised beds also allows for some of the sections of the raised beds to be left fallow if life gets too busy!

Fruit trees, apple, cherry and plum, were planted to both sides of the raised beds to add to the productive area. Beneath these fruit trees we planted strawberries, a mix of varieties to give a long season of fruit; and flowers to encourage pollinating insects such as bees.


Gardening Lessons to get the most from your new Fruit and Vegetable Plot

Once we had designed and created this edible garden in Bromley, Kent,  we then gave ‘grow your own’ gardening lessons to the clients.

This course of garden lessons were staged over the course of the main growing season. Our qualified gardening teacher took both parents – and occasionally a helpful toddler – through the full growing cycle. This included sowing seeds, transplanting seedlings, caring for the vegetables and salads as they grew. Plus harvesting the crop and when best to do related tasks such as watering and feeding.


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