Planting trees and other Gardening Tasks for November



Despite the storms, overall we’ve had a fairly mild autumn in the UK; and a few days of Indian Summer.

This has kept flowers blooming in the borders and lawn mowers busy at the weekend; and the weeds have also been prolific…



Three Gardening Tasks for November

  • Many herbaceous perennials have been flowering continuously for many months, so now is a good time to cut them back and apply mulch around their roots. This will have the double benefit of feeding the soil (and therefore the plant) and of offering protection from winter frosts.
  • Autumn is a good time to be planting trees, hedges and shrubs, whilst the soil is still warm from all the sun we’ve enjoyed. You can plant container grown plants or look for bare rooted specimens; these are available once the plants have lost their leaves and gone dormant, which will be at the end of the month due to the mild autumn this year. Check out our tips for bare rooted plants.
  • Leaf compost – leaf fall has been late in some areas due to the warm weather. If you’ve been planting trees, then your lawn is probably covered with leaves! Why not try Nathan’s trick of mowing the lawn on a high cut (probably the last mow of the year) which will gather up the leaves at the same time? Then check out our leaf blog for what to do with the leaves and grass clippings.

Things to watch for in your garden

Garden Pest watch.
Once the greenhouse is empty of late tomatoes take the opportunity to tidy it up by removing any old dirty pots and clearing out any lingering bits of rubbish and old compost as all these can harbour pests and diseases which will be ready to pounce on your precious plants as soon as the weather warms up in the spring.

Gardens to visit in November

UK National Tree Week is November 26 – December 4in 2016, so it seems right to suggest tree collections for you to visit this month;  so you can gather some inspiration for planting trees in your own garden.

Pineta are collections of pine, or conifer trees; Arboreta hold mixed evergreen and deciduous tree collections; for example, Bedgebury is a pinetum; whilst Winkworth is an arboretum.


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