October Gardening Tasks

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Early October gardens have flower borders full of late flowering perennials that slowly turn to seed. Orchards full of fruit give way to trees covered with brightly coloured foliage.

October is a very dramatic month in the garden.  Mild days entice us to linger in a sunny spot of a walled garden to enjoy the show.




Three October Gardening Tasks

A bit of a tidy up in the garden is a good idea at the beginning of the month. The days are still warm enough for you to empty the greenhouse and potting shed. Oh yes, and tidy the heaps of pots that have been sitting in a corner since you last went to the garden centre.

Growing bulbs for Christmas – Hyacinths, Hippeastrum and even Daffodils can all be forced to flower at Christmas. Colourful, scented flowers to decorate your home or to give as presents. We have tips on how to do it and suggestions for some flowering bulbs to try.

Pumpkins may be traditional for Halloween, but winter squash have far more to offer than that. Winter squash store well in a cool shed or pantry.  Small varieties such as ‘sweet dumpling’ that can be grown up a trellis when space is really tight.  So lots of us can enjoy growing our own pumpkins and eating them throughout the winter.


Things to watch for in your garden in October

Weeding, deadheading and pruning your flower borders and vegetable garden as you gather in your harvested crops also counts as tidying up. The removal of foliage that may have grey mould or powdery mildew stops the spread to other garden plants.

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Garden to visit this month

I always feel that the choice of garden to visit on October depends on when in the month you’re planning to visit. The south west of England and the Channel Islands and the north west of Scotland especially have much to offer in the way of mid-autumn colour from both flowers and foliage.

Why not try visit Armadale Castle , a lovely garden in Skye and admire the white stemmed Himalayan birch contrasting with the autumnal foliage?


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