Growing Daffodils and Other Gardening Tasks for March

narcissus-jetfire Spring flowering daffodils

No two gardens are the same. No two days are the same in one garden
(Hugh Johnson)

March especially so as we can expect, sun, snow, frost, rain, windy days and gentle warm spring-like weather – all of which weather confuses the plants as much as us!





Three Gardening Tasks for March

  • Plug plants, especially for hanging baskets and patio containers, are on sale this month. Remember you’ll need somewhere frost free and light to grow them on as most will not be able to be planted outside until the beginning of May. Have a read of our gardening with plug plants blog for more tips.
  • Mother’s Day, Mothering Sunday – a chance to say ‘thank you’
  • Have a plank at the ready for when your soil is dry enough to work but still wet – this avoids compaction which would damage the soil.
  • Patron Saints – March is a horticultural month for Celts.
    • Daffodils, along with leeks, are the national emblems of Wales; St David’s Day, remembering the patron saint of Wales falls on March 1st so why not treat yourself to a pot of small scented narcissi to have next to your front door to celebrate? Find more planting ideas here
    • Four leafed clover is the Irish national emblem (along with the harp) and St Patrick’s Day falls on March 17th. Four leafed clover would be lucky for your lawn – if you want to know why, click here.

Things to watch for in your garden

Check stored fruit and vegetables and remove any damaged or mouldy produce to avoid these spoiling the rest. Incidentally if you have some apples which are going too soft to eat or are beginning to rot, throw these out onto your lawn and you will have the pleasure of watching the blackbird or other birds feast on these with obvious pleasure

Gardens to visit this month

Brodie Castle, Moray is famous for their daffodil collection.


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Welsh Daffodil trumpet narcissus


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