Plant Breeders Rights

Plant Breeders Rights, also known as PBR,  intellectual property rights for plant varieties, copyright for plant varieties is a legal means of protecting the time and investment plant breeders have put into developing new varieties and cultivars.

What it means is that whilst you can propagate from the plants in your garden in order to have more plants for your garden, you are not allowed to then sell these offspring.

Plant Breeders Rights do not affect all plants. Species plants are not covered as they occur naturally. But the plants resulting from hybridisation may be subject to PBR.

One of the problems is that not all of the plants that are restricted in this way are labelled as such when they’re sold. Some of this confusion is due to the way the legislation has been written, and some of it to the more unscrupulous plant wholesalers, nurseries, breeders and seed companies.

The matter is open to debate as well as different legal interpretation…

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