Andre Le Notre

Andre Le Notre was a French Landscape architect who is most famous for creating the gardens at the Palace of Versailles for Louis XIV.

The Versailles gardens represent the epitome of the jardin à la française style. This French formal garden style can also be seen in his earlier collaborations at Vaux le Vicomte and Fontainebleau.

Andre Le Notre lived from 12th March 1613 to 15th September 1700. Both his father and grandfather were both gardeners in the Royal Gardens and they lived within the grounds as he was growing up. His father worked for some time under Claude Mollett, a famous garden designer and French Royal Gardener.

The current Champs Elysees in Paris was originally a part of one if his landscape designs; an avenue of trees at the Tuileries Palace.

Statue of Andre Le Nôtre at Versailles, https:/, landscape architect, garden designer

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