The Year in Your Garden – Lessons

The Year in Your Garden Lessons are a popular choice with novice gardeners and those more knowledgeable.

Together, we look at your garden with a new eye. There is time to consider what works and what doesn’t. You have plenty of time to ask questions in between the sessions and Plews offers support both during and after the Year in Your Garden course.

Plews Gardening Lessons are taught by a qualified gardening teacher and your garden is your classroom.

The emphasis in the garden lessons is very much on you and your garden. General theories are discussed, but the manner in which they are implemented is individual to you.

It is fair to say that Plews Gardening Lessons are a mix of practical and theory. There is hands on demonstration and guided practice. And the theory behind the ‘why’ of gardening is explained and discussed

in the greenhouse

You’ll be taught by a qualified gardening teacher and garden designer and member of the Chartered Institute of Horticulture. Marie is a life-long gardener who uses her experience and qualifications so you can enjoy gardening in your garden.

The gardening lessons are based on a general lesson plan. This is then customised so it is individual to you, your gardening skills and knowledge (or lack of). As the course lasts a year, we allow ourselves flexibility, so may amend some of the gardening topics.

Handouts and ‘homework’ are included.

With the Year in Your Garden lessons, there is also time for garden visits. These can be inspirational and helpful. For example, where a total revamp of a vegetable plot is planned as part of the garden course.

These garden lessons are most likely to be of 2 hours duration each. We’ll get together in the classroom, your garden, approximately every month.

Exactly how many garden lessons will make up your personal gardening course will be discussed and agreed. It will depend on the size of your garden, your gardening knowledge, how much theory you’d like to learn, garden visits, and so on.

If you are interested in Year in Your Garden lessons, please Contact us for more details.


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