Gardening Books – In Your Garden With Plews

In Your Garden with Plews Garden Design” is a series of four downloadable gardening books written by us and available for you to buy online.

Each volume covers one season of the year, and we have subtitled the series “A Gardening Almanac for the Twenty-First Century”.

In each volume we cover a specific season of the year: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. We explain which plants will flower at that time of year, and which activities are best performed then.

Anyone who has read the Plews Potting Shed blog will be reassured to know that these gardening books contain anecdotes about plant history and folklore as well as the usual quirky comments about gardens and gardeners.

Added to all this there are plenty of photographs and original illustrations to inspire and amuse; oh, and a glossary to explain some of those odd terms that gardeners use and you have to pretend to understand…

In short, we’ve aimed to create gardening books for you to read from cover to cover or to dip into as the mood takes you.

The Plews gardening books are written by Marie Shallcross and Nathan Waterfield, with Illustrations by Lucy Waterfield and Photographs by Marie Shallcross.

Download the books here

Please click below for purchase of the full eBooks, or to read a short extract for free:

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The Plews Garden Design partners, Marie and Nathan, have also written and published eBooks and articles, and write a weekly blog – Plews Potting Shed – on a range of gardening topics.

Photo of garden designers and authors Marie Shallcross and Nathan Waterfield of Plews Garden Design

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