Front Garden Design Portfolio

Front Garden Design Portfolio - projects and inspiration

Why a Front Garden Design Portfolio?

A front garden is generally your public face to the world. Complete strangers will see your colourful planting or the pile of recycling boxes and weeds. But because you zoom through the front garden on your way to work, taking the children to school, walking the dog, you often do not notice the mess - or you avoid noticing it.

It's okay, Plews can help with your front garden problems - and turn the space into a herb fan that reflects your hobbies, an easy maintenance gravel garden filled with lavender for the bees, formal hedging, a riot of cottage garden flowers, and more. The person you are helps us to create a front garden that is right for you, your lifestyle, your budget.

And remember, there are laws which prevent you from paving over your whole front garden with a non-permeable material, such as concrete and paving slabs. This is to reduce flooding and problems with water running off your property and onto the public highway.


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Do you have a large front garden and need to learn how to look after it? Remember we offer bespoke Gardening Lessons and Gardening Courses to help you.