Bluebells, Seedlings and Other Garden Tasks for May

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May is about Bluebells.



Hyacinthoides non scripta are the British native species, more delicate in leaf than the hybrids and more scented too.




Three Garden Tasks for May

There are many garden tasks for May – it’s the last of the spring months. The days are longer as we head towards summer and this encourages most plants into growth – including weeds!

  • Planting up of hanging baskets and containers can begin in earnest now. For some ideas for hanging baskets for shady corners and unusual containers, why not check out our Plants for Hanging Baskets blog?
  • ‘How To’ videos from Plews – Seed Sowing  and Pricking out Seedlings also have linked blogs on the website. You will find other helpful hints on seeds and plug plants in the Seeds, Seedlings and Cuttings blog category.
  • Tulips are in full flower during May; if they become irretrievably damaged by wind and rain, all is not lost as they should still give you a show next year. Remove flower heads and leave the foliage to die back; then lift the bulbs and store until replanting time in the autumn.

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Things to watch for in your Garden

“Ne’er cast a clout till May is out”

A gardener’s interpretation of this old saying is – we still can get frosts, snow and rough weather – so be on guard when you’re hardening off plants and have the horticultural fleece at the ready!


Gardens to visit this month

May is Bluebell month. Did you know that around half the world’s bluebell population grows in the British Isles?
As about 70% of bluebells grow in woods, heading for woodland is a good idea; Woodland Trust have a helpful link to 1300 bluebell woods.


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(Thanks Tim, who is a regular reader if a reluctant gardener!)

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