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Cancer we're coming to get you - Race for Life

Race for Life are women only events fundraising for Cancer research.

Plews Girls – Marie, Hari, Lucy and Erin – are running at Blackheath on July 6th and would really appreciate you adding your donation to this worthy cause on our Just Giving Race for Life page.

Last year (2013) Hari and Erin ran 5k at Blackheath in 30 degree heat… But they enjoyed it so much that they wanted to do it again!!

Hari and Erin racing to the finish line, Just Giving Race for Life, cancer research, plews girls, hari waterfield, erin corbett, blackheath, chris mollett

So this year, Hari and Erin will be joined by Lucy and Marie (who will try not to run too fast – 4 minute mile is her average!) and will together run 5k at Blackheath.

The rose Hari is admiring is Rosa ‘loving memory’, a delicately scented rich red rose. This photo was taken after last year’s Race for Life in the rose garden at Greenwich Park. ‘In Loving Memory’ seemed appropriate as far too many people die from cancer.

Greenwich park rose garden, Just Giving Race for Life, hari waterfield, rosa 'loving memory', cancer research

Virtually every person nowadays knows of someone afflicted by cancer and so these Race for Life runs are a great way of supporting an amazing cause whilst simultaneously getting fit!

Sharpe is very helpful in acting as our ‘coach’ on training runs and may join us on the day

Sharpe - Plews Employee of the Year 2012

We’ll let you know how we get on; and this is the link to Plews Girls Just Giving  Race for Life page in case you missed it ;-}

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